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Bug#509741: Debian Policy note needed in the Reporting bugs page

Package: www.debian.org

In http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting it is said:

"What package does your bug report belong to?"

"You need to know what package your bug report should be filed against.
See this example for information on how to find this information. (You
will use this information to see if your bug report has been filed

"If you are unable to determine which package your bug report should be
filed against, please send e-mail to the Debian user mailing list
asking for advice."

"If your problem doesn't relate just to one package but some general
Debian service, there are several pseudo-packages or even mailing lists
that you can use to relay your message to us instead."

It would be very convenient it the following snippet was added:

«If you want to give any comments, suggestions, or criticisms about the
Debian Policy (or Debian Policy Manual) please send an email to the
Debian Policy List, debian-policy@lists.debian.org, or submit a bug
report against the debian-policy package.»

If you want to understand why please see #509732.

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