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Re: libdivx4linux?

On Tue,09.Dec.08, 18:13:43, Dan-Simon Myrland wrote:
> Hi, my name is Dan-Simon Myrland (from Norway).
> Im new to linux, and wonder how you can get the following codecs to debian:
> -gstreamer 0.8-lame
> -gstreamer 0.8-ffmeg
> -lame
> -ffmeg
> -mjpegtools
> -gst-register-0.8
> -install-flash-player-10-linux
> -adobe-flashplugin
> -libflashplayer.so
> -flashplugin-nonfree
> -libdivx4linux
> This might be a silly question, but since these pacages arnt in the 
> repository im confused as to how i am to obtain them. Any info and 
> help would be greatly apreciated ! 

Your question is more suited for the debian-user list (Cc'd, please 
follow-up there), but at a quick glance it seems that at least some 
(most?) of those packages are available in the non-free repository or 
the repository at www.debian-multimedia.org . They might show up under 
different names though.

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