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Re: Problems with www.debian.net

Am Dienstag, den 09.12.2008, 00:38 +0100 schrieb Oscar Osta Pueyo:
> Hi all,
> www.debian.net is not equal to www.debian.org...www.debian.net is not
> updated???

 www.debian.net is not an official website mirror, those are called
www.XX.debian.org where XX stands for a country code. Sites below the
debian.net domain can be anything and are not neccessarily related to
the Debian project, besides that any Debian Developer can register such
a domain and use it for what they see fit.

 www.debian.net was registered by Frank Lichtenheld (see "dig
www.debian.net txt") and I guess he did it with the intention to test
some website generation stuff. I'm not sure how you got the impression
that it might be an official URL for the webpages - it clearly is
not. :)

 Thanks for your concerns, though.

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