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Bug#507873: CD vendors cleanup needed


we (ITAF/linuxbelgiumshop/hardwareshop) stopped selling the CD when we didn't had the time anymore to burn/support them. Since some time we have some new persons in the company, so we will start to sell them again.

I'll try to put them again on the site next week; so please don't remove us.

thanks for your reply and letting us know if we can still sell the cd's !

Met vriendelijke groeten
Koen Wastyn

ICT Support & Professional Services - Hardware & Software - Hosting | ITAF bvba | www.itaf.eu | Frans Van Ryhovelaan 325/327, B-9000 Gent | T: +32 2 888 91 77 | shop.gent@itaf.be

MJ Ray schreef:
Package: www.debian.org
X-Debbugs-Cc: fpiat@klabs.be, izimask@debian.fr.st, shop.gent@itaf.be, verkoop@opensoft.nl
Forwarded: izimask@debian.fr.st, shop.gent@itaf.be, verkoop@opensoft.nl

I'm putting this report into the bug tracker so someone else can
complete it before I do, if appropriate.

Frank Lin PIAT <fpiat@klabs.be> wrote:
I think the following CD vendors could/should be removed:

* http://www.opensoft.nl/cdshop/product_info.php?products_id=35
  Still sell Debian Sarge.

I will cc them on this email.  Not sure if we have a policy of
delisting for that.

* http://www.debian.fr.st/
  The website seems down.

Agreed.  Have removed and will cc on this email.

* http://www.linuxbelgiumshop.be/en/art.php?id=SWLI
  Don't seem to have and Debian CD anymore.

Agreed.  Have removed and will cc on this email.  We now have no
vendors in Belgium.  Please, linuxbelgiumshop, sell debian 4.0!

* http://www.compralinux.com/
  63 Euros for 3 DVDs...

Nuteca in Spain - seems to sell Debian 4.0 DVD.  Why remove them?

Hope that helps,

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