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Bug#507873: CD vendors cleanup needed

MJ Ray wrote:
> I'm putting this report into the bug tracker so someone else can
> complete it before I do, if appropriate.
> Frank Lin PIAT <fpiat@klabs.be> wrote:
>> I think the following CD vendors could/should be removed:
>> * http://www.opensoft.nl/cdshop/product_info.php?products_id=35
>>   Still sell Debian Sarge.
> I will cc them on this email.  Not sure if we have a policy of
> delisting for that.

To clarify, I don't suggest to remove them because they sell Sarge, but
based on the fact that they don't sell Debian/Stable (Etch).

>> * http://www.compralinux.com/
>>   63 Euros for 3 DVDs...
> Nuteca in Spain - seems to sell Debian 4.0 DVD.  Why remove them?

63 Euros don't seems to be a "reasonable price" for burning and shipping

Nuteca is free to choose the price for the product, it doesn't mean
we have to advertize them.



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