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Re: Options changed in check_trans.pl

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On 01-10-2008 12:06, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Also note that the output of the script might have (slightly) changed.
> I've tried to make it clearer and more userfriendly, using colours to
> distinguish the different statusses of files, but please let me know if
> that poses any problems.  Of course, the rewritten script probably also
> has other bugs;  please let me know if you encounter one.

	On Brazilian Portuguese team we used to grep the check_trans.pl
results to look after the Missing pages or to split/group certain things,
I noticed two things doing it:

1) The terminal color codes displays bad if I redirect to a text file.
2) If I do a CTRL+C while running check_trans.pl my terminal remains
   in the last color used. :-(

	The second one seems to be a bug, for the first one, would be
possible to provide a "no-color" or somebody give a hint of a hack
that could remove the "color control sequences". :-)

Kind regards,
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