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Re: Bug#324492: Any chance of reclasifying this?

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008, Tim Small wrote:
> IMO, this bug shouldn't be "wishlist" - since it's definitely a bug and  
> leads to behaviour which is confusing and wrong, not a feature  
> enhancement - other data in the side bar is related to versions in the  
> release which is currently being displayed, but the "Bug Reports" link  
> points to unstable instead.

Viewing the bug reports from the position of unstable is a reasonable
default. [The link from PDO is saying "check out bugs for
mysql-server-5.0" and the BTS says "the ddefault view for all bugs is

That said, in this instance it could be changed to pay attention to
the distribution selected, which would be a feature enhancement.
That's pretty much up to the PDO administrators, since I don't have a
huge opinion about it either way.

Don Armstrong

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