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Re: update for vendor list (./distrib/pre-installed)

Hello Guido,

Sorry for the late reply.

On Sun, Jan 20, 2008 at 01:06:52AM +0100, Guido Arnold wrote:
> I am working on a list of European vendors who offer hardware with
> Free Software [1], thus I went through your list on
> http://www.debian.org/distrib/pre-installed and found the following:
> These links seem to be no longer active:
> http://www.codeas.net/ not reachable
> http://www.pclinux.fr/ domain for sale
> http://www.interzone.gr/ domain for sale
> http://www.pckappa.it no info, just commercial links

Removed from the list

> I would consider the following links as questionable. Since I did not
> find any hint in regards to Free software or Debian in particular, I
> tried google with "site:URL debian" with no results:
> http://www.adsis.fr/
> http://www.decad.fr/
> http://www.modula.net/
> http://www.dgrent.it/chi.html
> http://www.imap4web.de/ although they offer server administration
> etc., they don't seem to sell any hardware. But maybe, that's just
> because their webserver is not configured well (only a few links work).
> http://www.prosa.it/ no info, just an email address.

Personally, I would remove them as well.
Does someone on -www has an opinion about that ?

> And this link is under "France" although it seems to be greek or
> russian:
> http://www.linuxvosges.com/ 

While the contact info is really french. So strange.
-> Removed

> Hope that helps. 

Thanks you very much.

Simon Paillard

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