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Re: debian download using jigdo-lite

Hi Jackie,

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 08:07:46AM -0700, Jackie Sampson wrote:
> I am having problems downloading the distribution with jigdo-lite.  It keeps
> comming back with "File `debian` does note exist|    It is reading the
> index.html file but errors right after this.

you have to supply a *.jigdo file to the jigdo-lite command, not a
index.html file!

please note that debian-www is not the proper list for this kind of
discussion, it is aimed for website development. I suggest you
contact debian-users@lists.debian.org instead and provide more
informations such as the command line you tried and the output.

PS: Please do not send HTML attachments and wrap you lines.


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