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Tracker issues?

Hey guys,

Just a quick one - not really a website problem but the BitTorrent tracker for the ISOs (at http://bttracker.acc.umu.se:6969/ ) appears to be having some issues, at least for me.

Normally I'd just leave it a while and try again but a) I've emailed you guys before about tracker problems and you resolved them pretty quickly :) and b) we run a similar oldish tracker and run into similar problems where everything _looks_ like its working but clients are just connecting and not properly getting the information from the tracker - so no downloads actually ever start, but clients keep piling up and connecting, but not getting anywhere in the transfer.

(Typically I just bounce the tracker and everything magically starts working again.)

Feel free to ignore if its all working as normal and my side is just broken (I've tried from 3 completely diff., independent networks here in AU though).

-- david / ausgamers / www.ausgamers.com

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