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Bug#468765: Is oldstable security support duration something to be proud of?

On 11320 March 1977, Filipus Klutiero wrote:

> This statement is in a security announcement. Martin Schulze confirmed that he 
> wrote the statement. Does the security team think that oldstable security 
> support duration is something to be proud of?

Yes, it is, and people visiting the Debian booth at Cebit confirmed that
multiple times. (Not with such direct words, but they did talk about the
long support for a stable release with security and stuff together with
the mostly easy upgrades we have...). We are one of the Distribution
having a long running and good support, if one does objective
comparisons, which aren't based on one single number (years) only but
take other things, like package numbers, architectures and also status
of the security team (unpaid vs paid members in the distributions) into

If it really annoys you so much that its no longer supported after March
31st - noone stops you from doing the work and providing security
support for sarge in an archive you set up for it.
I bet you will be surprised by the huge amount of work it will be.

bye, Joerg
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