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Re: Demande de Debian's DVD

Hello Makhlouf,

I'll answer in English, as my French is not very good.

On Sun, Mar 09, 2008 at 10:49:54AM +0000, Makhlouf Ledmi wrote:
> en effet la région ou le pays où j'habite n'avait pas de vendeur debian, 
> le débit de connexion internet est trés faible (je ne peux pas 
> télécharger les images DVD), et j'aimerais bien récuperer une version de 
> debian de votre part si c'est possible.

If Algeria does not have a Debian vendor, then search for a vendor in 
another country that ships DVDs internationally (Expédition internationale 
- Oui). Many countries such as Italy/Spain/France/Germany have vendors 
which can send you a DVD.

Debian itself does not send out DVDs. If ordering a DVD from abroad is too 
expensive for you, consider contacting your local Linux User Group (LUG). 
For example, a search on the web lead me to <http://www.lugoal.org/>, but 
I'm not sure who they are. You might be able to find other LUGs.



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