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Re: 404 link on www.debian.fr


On Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 10:50:33AM +0100, laradji nacer wrote:
> There is a dead link on www.debian.fr
> http://www.debian.fr/CD/netinst/

debian.fr is *NOT* an official mirror, and is operated by someone not
affiliated to Debian.

Many others issues on debian.fr (like /doc/ in error) have already been
reported. I've sent an email to the contact of the domain debian.fr,
without any solution for the moment.

This time debian.fr is outdated.

> The link for download the netinstall i386 iso image go to a 404 error .

Use an official Debian web mirror or the plain one :

To the debian.fr admin : please leave debian.fr to the Debian
communicty, or at least permanent redirect debian.fr to
It's time for action !

Many french users are suffuring from your outdated "clandestine"


Simon Paillard

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