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Who's using Debian?

I'm Webmaster of Amen society(webhosting). I were searching information about Debian to help people to chose your operating system. We propose, among other things our customers to install debian as operating system on our dedicated servers, I saw your "WHo is using debian ?" and so i sent you this email.

Here bellow some inforamtion about our society

 About AMEN

   * *400,000* active domain names
   * *300,000* web sites hosted
   * *4000 *online shops (e-commerce solutions)
   * *3,500* Dedicated Servers

*AMENWORLD* was set up in 1999 and in 2005, Amenworld became a subsidiary of CLARA.NET. Amenworld.com has over 200,000 customers, making it one of Europes biggest web hosting companies. Amen's unrivaled service and success in the UK is due to its focus on UK based technical support, innovative products and investment in technology. Amenworld.com has a range of simple, cost-effective hosting packages which include domain names, hosting and email. Shared hosting starts from just £4.99 per month. It is easy to see why customers have voted Amenworld #1 UK Shared Web Hosting provider.


   * *France*: www.amen.fr
   * *Spain:* www.amen.es
   * *Italy:* www.amenworld.it
   * *Portugal:* www.amen.pt
   * *Netherlands :* www.amenworld.nl <http://www.amenworld.nl/>


 Amenworld now offers a full range of products and services for Linux
 or Windows operating systems. Amenworld is now able to offer more
 flexible solutions by making Virtual Private Servers available to
 customers (using the Virtuozzo technology), with offers and packages
 particularly suited for Resellers.

 Dedicated Web Server Hosting

We have slashed the prices on our dedicated server range for a limited time making our cheap dedicated hosting even cheaper and better value for our customers. We are now offering discounts on both our Comfort range of Dedicated Servers <http://www.amenworld.com/static/index_1563.html>and also our Duo Dedicated server range. <http://www.amenworld.com/static/index_1564.html>

Linux ( debian sarge or other opertaing systems) or Windows, single or dual core, from 256MB to 4GB memory, from 80 to 2x 250GB RAID disk, AMEN’s dedicated servers offer you a broad choice of configurations tailored to meet your specific needs in Web hosting, mail servers, DNS server or remote applications (accounting, HR, Sales). In addition all of our dedicated servers benefit from a High Availability redundant network infrastructure with a dedicated 2GB adaptive bandwidth to this infrastructure, and technical support by mail and telephone*

Vincent Beis

Tél : 01 40 87 99 21
AMEN : Agence des MEdias Numériques

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