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Re: suggestions for the CD page

On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 04:02:18PM -0500, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> 1) The order of the bulleted items can use some improvement. Here is what I
> suggest
>   . minimal bootable image
>   . downloading with jigdo
>   . downloading using HTTP, FTP
>   . downloading using bittorrent
>   . buy finished CD-ROMs

I think we've had a few discussions over the years about the best order. In 
my view, the outcome is that there is no single best order. For example, 
IIRC I once saw usage statistics which indicated that the majority of users 
went to "HTTP/FTP" immediately. This makes sense; people don't want to 
experiment with some strange "jigdo" thing they've never heard of before, 
they want the full Debian distribution on CD, and they want it right now, 
without more than a quick glance at the page.

Of course, this collides with our interests of conserving mirror bandwidth, 
avoiding downloads of packages that will never be needed etc...

Another example is that downloading entire CD/DVD images is prohibitively 
expensive in some countries, so people will rather be looking for ways to 
buy Debian on CD.

That said, Joy (IIRC it was him) introduced a separate "CD vendors" link in 
the main navigation on debian.org a while back, so I agree it makes sense 
to move the vendor link to the bottom, as people reach /CD/ via a link that 
says "CD ISO images".

> 2) I think it would be nice to refer the "minimal bootable CD image" as 
> "net install image" or the other way around through out the document. Two 
> kinds of terms used for the same thing could be confusing.

Yeah - wasn't it called "net install image" for a long time anyway?!

> 3) At the bottom of the page, there is a line such as
> debian_on_cd:  faq · net_install · buy · jigdo · http_ftp · misc
> which gives an overview of the whole page. I think this part can go on the
> top instead of being at the bottom. That way, the user knows what is in
> store without requiring to read the whole page.

Originally, it was also present at the top as a horizontal bar, but Jutta 
moved it to the left-hand menu. IMHO, it doesn't make sense to duplicate it 
at the top - if at all, we should think about removing the information at 
the bottom.



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