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Re: Debian Wiki license.

> Jon Downloand has started to tweak the license pages on
> the wiki.  I definitely agree that the wiki license should
> be clarified.
> However, I would like to say here that I strongly disagree
> with having "per page" licensing terms, because it would
> prevent merging such pages.

Me too, but we lost that battle, years ago. The references
to requests for an all-encompassing license you see dotted
around were largely by me, prior to the merging of the old
wiki content, which was gone ahead with anyway. This was in
2005 or thereabouts.

We currently either have all-rights reserved implicit
copyright of all authors (including anonymous ones) == no
reuse at all, or page-specific licenses.

You can't just stick an all-encompassing wiki license on
what is already present without the consent of the
copyright owners.

P.S.: are wiki page deletions permanent on MoinMoin? If so,
and I can't figure out how if not, I think it was rather
rude to delete the pages I created today on this subject,
which took me many hours. Irrespective of what we may want
to do in the future, I am trying to document current
practise. This includes the inherited old license (which I
had to dig out of web.archive.org).

P.P.S.: I like the idea of wiki discussions taking place on
a mailing list, btw -- I think we should see how it works on
-www, though, and keep the option open to have a specific
list for the purpose.

Jon Dowland

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