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DebianWiki users homepages

Hello everybody,

During a chat with Thomas Viehmann, he said he would have a more
structured wiki (group pages under Applications/* Hardware/* Homepages/*
etc.). He's probably gonna a come back with this idea someday...

I'm intending to implement the homepage part now (unless someone

Thomas' rationale included "other people do it (Wikipedia), avoid
collisions (e.g. there is a user 'Mac')". I would add : avoid ambiguous
or obscure page names and simplify wiki cleanup.

I can think of a few naming propositions :

http://wiki.debian.org/Homepages/JohnDoe     - Fairly explicit
http://wiki.debian.org/WikiHomePages/JohnDoe - Moinmoin jargon
http://wiki.debian.org/User:JohnDoe          - MediaWiki's way
http://wiki.debian.org/~JohnDoe              - The Unix way

What do you think about this idea ?
My preferred scheme is the first one. Which one is yours ?
Do you have any objection ?


For the curious..

Implementing this change would be quite easy :
1. Configure the moinmoin
 - Set "user_homewiki = u'DebianWikiHomePages'" in moinmoin instance
 - Add "DebianWikiHomePages http://wiki.debian.org/"; in intermap.txt
2. Rename the existing Homepages 
 List and verify the pages : grep -E "^name=" /var/lib/*/data/user/*
 Then tweak a moinmoin (migration) script to rename the selected pages.
3. Announce that the change is done on debian-www and debian-devel (!).

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