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Re: New security/audit pages not translatable

Steve Kemp wrote:
> On Thu Nov 29, 2007 at 14:46:12 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> > On Thursday 29 November 2007, Steve Kemp wrote:
> > >  They shouldn't have anything to be translated in them (though right now
> > >  there are about three small strings that are there).
> > 
> > Are you perhaps referring to strings like
> >   <dd><p>$credit discovered that $package contained a $type
> >   vulnerability.</p></dd>
> > and
> >   <p>No advisories found.</p>
> > in make-advisories?
>   Precisely.
> > In that case it would be very nice if those were gettexted. The only problem 
> > I see is that some languages would need different declinations for 
> > male/female $credit (probably not a problem in practise :-) and maybe how 
> > to get $type and maybe even $date translated.
>   Yes, I will endeavor to get these switched to gettext as soon as
>  possible, unless somebody beats me to it.  (I will just need to look
>  over the rest of the site to get a good example to copy from!)

Has there been any improvement so far?

Currently, the Makefile contains statements that cause make wanting to
run make-advisories for each language.  I assume that this is only needed
for English?



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