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Re: Problem recovering lost password on wiki.d.o


Am Montag, den 14.01.2008, 19:56 +0100 schrieb Franklin PIAT:
> For some odd reason, wiki.d.o Moinmoin seems to  drop the final "=" at
> the end of the password:

 The reason is not as odd as it might seem, it lies in the way quoted
printable encoding works. Any = in there has a special meaning and is
followed by either two hex digits (representing that propably 8bit
character) or by linebreak which usually means a continuation of the
line, needed for sending longer lines than the usual width that is
available in the early smtp (or other similar) standards.

 Not that it really matters, just thought I'd play smartass again and
shine a bit of light onto the situation.

 So long,

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