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Re: jengpal wants to chat

jengpal <jengpal007@gmail.com> wrote:
> Gmail offers: [...]
> - Powerful spam protection

But powerful spamming of innocent mailing lists, it would seem.  So,
Google Talk repeats a bug from Orkut and Googlemail (Gmail is another
company's service in GB and DE) that's at least two years old.

The invite spam problem may look like it's the fault of users, but so
many are doing it! Google's advice about invites is totally inadequate
(last I checked) and I think users who follow it may end up breaking
privacy laws in some countries. I think Google probably chooses to
encourage invite-spamming: how many people will report their friends
and colleagues to local privacy law enforcers? Classic externalisation
of advertising "pollution" costs.

Any Google worker reading this want to prove me wrong and stop the
invite-spamming at last?  Or at least limit it so we don't get
multiple addresses @ a lists.domain.tld host spammed in one run?

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