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debian livcd

well thanks to all my work form 1997 to now the debian group seems not to care about the local people in other countries why. just like here at urbana IL. the students think it is all fast and easy or they use your system. not even knowinig what a command prompt is in unix but they are teaching computer theroy. I gave up in 2004 when living one block from where it all started BIOS. as usuall one of my many favorite distros was a debian from spain.why a full source. why would that be a big deal. When I was in Peru and wanted to setup over a hundred desk tops for the school. the only distro that came as a full full source from the box. not some lazy live Ubuntu crap. was Slackware. How could I ever think of using slackware when I know the wonderful proven Apt-get was good stuff. Wrong. so with a dial up on any apget was way to long. well I guess all those wonderfull live disk keep doing good but screw the real market. I guess in indiana they dont care about the locals that need a full source. Who cares I will take the gnu and write my own distro for the umteen time . withh all the packages needed and all the compilers needed and the wonderful DSL Debian how could any one think that such a small Os could be so good? well I guess the avearge joe figured out that some one compiled a mars driver in it thanks to agre. Again Why. so you can hook to the gnu utillities and wait two hors to install a deb file .lol. I guess it was to hard for the local DSL to figure out how to add it to the cd what 13 mb. Thanks for not sending the disk long distance but taking the money. here are the distros that didnt care all debian and I cant figure. I will use debian at home.but I have my slackware for the local third countries. oh yeah and this new pclinux with apt-get really makes me wonder why mandrake want to do this it dosnt make sence until you use yast or yum. they all need DSL connection when money Isnt a big thing when you need the system up and going Ask Pat at slackware he just burned a coppy and sent it. And he enjoyed the money. good luck guys keep on hacking
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