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Re: Problem recovering lost password on wiki.d.o


On Wednesday 12 December 2007 19:16, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> I'm trying to reach the wiki.debian.org administrators -- I hope this is
> the right place (it's listed as the contact address on the
> DebianWiki/Contact page).

I'm not sure this is actually right & working, if it is, please someone reply 
me wrong. Thanks.

> Login Password: {SHA}omitted_for_obvious_reason
> (I've tried both with and without including the initial five-character
> "{SHA}" string in the reset password.)

I've had the same issue with wiki.skolelinux.no which is running the same 
moinmoin version and contrary to my disbelief, it worked with that 
SHA-"Password". But it was much longer than five characters, I entered the 
complete string like "{SHA}6nhJIfEPDsZ9Wpdqa1gukkGIstk=" (everything between 
the "")

Maybe this helps?

P.S.: the above hash is faked... but the length is right :)

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