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Re: New security/audit pages not translatable

On Thu Nov 29, 2007 at 14:46:12 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 29 November 2007, Steve Kemp wrote:
> >  They shouldn't have anything to be translated in them (though right now
> >  there are about three small strings that are there).
> Are you perhaps referring to strings like
>   <dd><p>$credit discovered that $package contained a $type
>   vulnerability.</p></dd>
> and
>   <p>No advisories found.</p>
> in make-advisories?


> In that case it would be very nice if those were gettexted. The only problem 
> I see is that some languages would need different declinations for 
> male/female $credit (probably not a problem in practise :-) and maybe how 
> to get $type and maybe even $date translated.

  Yes, I will endeavor to get these switched to gettext as soon as
 possible, unless somebody beats me to it.  (I will just need to look
 over the rest of the site to get a good example to copy from!)

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