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pseudo package description


 I got recently notified that the Bugs page contained outdated pseudo
package informations.  I took this as a chance to go through all the
translations and removed outdated entries.  I have reordered the entries
in some languages to match the original order which makes it easier to
spot missing entires.

 Please find attached a current original file and update your entries if
you are missing some of the pseudo packages (most notably propably
nm.debian.org - but there are others missing in some languages, too).

 So long,
base			Base system general bugs
cdrom			Installation system
spam			Spam (reassign spam to here so we can complain about it)
press			Press release issues
kernel			Problems with the Linux kernel, or that shipped with Debian
project			Problems related to project administration
general			General problems (e.g. "many manpages are mode 755")
listarchives		Problems with the WWW mailing list archives
nm.debian.org		New Maintainer process and nm.debian.org webpages
qa.debian.org		The Quality Assurance group
ftp.debian.org		Problems with the FTP site
www.debian.org		Problems with the WWW site
bugs.debian.org		The bug tracking system, @bugs.debian.org
lists.debian.org	The mailing lists, debian-*@lists.debian.org
wnpp			Work-Needing and Prospective Packages list
cdimage.debian.org	CD Image issues
tech-ctte		The Debian Technical Committee (see the Constitution)
mirrors			Problems with the official mirrors
security.debian.org	The Debian Security Team
installation-reports	Reports of installation problems with stable & testing
upgrade-reports		Reports of upgrade problems for stable & testing
release-notes		Problems with the Release Notes

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