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problems with forum

my username is billy
the email is krughanh@yahoo.com

with the above details i use to login but now i cant
i have tried to send a password to myself. but the
give an error moaning about the email not matching the

i sent an email a fews ago and i got a reply with a 
link pointing to the retrieve a password page. it does
not work.

today i tried to do a signup with nuxulin-rox as a
user with the email as nuxulin-rox@i3u.info and this
i did not get the activation code sent out to me.

am i banned from debian forums and if so can i know
why or is it your forum thats playing up?

however can you please provide me with a new password
to the user billy or nuxulin-rox and send it to me

thanks you

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