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Bug#443996: packages.debian.org: please provide a RSS/Atom feed for package changelogs

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: wishlist

The new packages.debian.org really rocks, thank you!

I especially like the changelog feature, which enables users to track
what's going on to packages on the web. To increase this positive effect
I think it would be really cool to have some kind of feed (RSS, Atom,
...) associated to each package changelog. That way users will be able
to subscribe to it and avoid polling.

Can you please add such a feature?

Just in case I'll manage to find time to work on this by myself (but ATM
it's unlikely ...), can you please comment on the following roadmap to
implement this (roadmap obtained skimming really quickly on the current
git codebase):
- add to lib/Parse/DebianChangelog* the ability to convert changelogs to
  the desired feed format
  - to implement the above would it be ok to use some perl library which
    I guess already exists to generate feeds
  - alternatively, would it be ok to perform some XSLT transformation
    starting from the current XML generation?
- then the feed should be generated statically on disk, where should I
  look for this?
- we can't simply ships the RSS feeds following the current naming
  scheme; a feed placed under, for example,
  would be pretty useless. How do you think this can be solved properly?


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