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Bug#443093: p.d.o: Suggested restriction on package search

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: wishlist

I have been frustrated a few times when searching on package name because 
the "search was too wide". Currently the search will only display exact 
matches in that case.
For example, if I search on "mysql", I get nothing.

I would suggest adding one intermediate level: if the search is too wide, 
then try a search on packages _starting_ with the requested string.

IMO in a lot of cases this will sufficiently reduce the number of results to 
be able to display a relevant selection, because now packages like libs and 
wrappers that contain the search name will be filtered out.
I also think that it is a sufficiently natural restriction that it will not 
confuse users too much. Of course, a suitable warning will need to be 


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