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Accidental tagging with `cvs help tag'

Hi all,

I am affraid that I typed `cvs help tag' in my local copy of the webwml
repository, and that it did something I did not expect. 

sorbet【debian-med】$ cvs tag help
? imaging.wml.1.40
? kunpu
cvs tag: Tagging .
T Makefile
T dental.wml
T device.wml
T doc.wml
T drugdb.wml
T his.wml
T imaging.wml
T index.wml
T microbio.wml
T other.wml
T pharma.wml
T physiotherapy.wml
T practice.wml
T record.wml
T research.wml
T veterinary.wml
cvs tag: Tagging News
T News/Makefile
T News/index.wml
cvs tag: Tagging News/2002
T News/2002/20020528.wml
T News/2002/20020607.wml
T News/2002/20020626.wml
T News/2002/20020723.wml
T News/2002/20021002.wml
T News/2002/Makefile
T News/2002/index.wml
cvs tag: Tagging News/2003
T News/2003/20030829.wml
T News/2003/Makefile
T News/2003/index.wml
cvs tag: Tagging News/2004
T News/2004/20040429.wml
T News/2004/20040709.wml
T News/2004/20041023.wml
T News/2004/20041113.wml
T News/2004/Makefile
T News/2004/index.wml
cvs tag: Tagging News/2005
T News/2005/20050614.wml
T News/2005/20051102.wml
T News/2005/Makefile
T News/2005/index.wml
cvs tag: Tagging News/2007
T News/2007/20070419.wml
T News/2007/Makefile
T News/2007/index.wml
cvs tag: Tagging talks
cvs tag: Tagging talks/200210_lux_med
cvs tag: Tagging talks/internal
cvs tag: Tagging talks/med

I know nothing about cvs tags (hence the mistake), and I do not know if
this means that I made local or remote changes...

I will try to understand how to get rid of them, but in case it is
something to be cleaned quiclky, I just wanted to let you know...

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy (charles-guest)
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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