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Bug#441292: allpackages.txt.gz no longer available. Replaced with broken link.

Package: www.debian.org

Last week, and several before, I obtained a text list of packages for
all current debian distributions. The address was
http://packages.debian.org/stable/allpackages.en.txt.gz, or similar,
depending on which distrubtion. Today, that didn't work. That address
is now an error page.

I checked the website. It seems you debian.org is the new debian.net. I
found new links for what I want on the new
http://packages.debian.org/stable/ page. (Note that the end slash for
that page is required. That is another bug.) The links are
http://packages.debian.org/stable/allpackages and
Both of these links are broken.

I have been using packages.debian.net for some time. In a lot of areas,
it is an improvement. I guess I understand that no matter how much beta
testing you do, you will have a ton of bugs when you finally go stable.


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