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Bug#440641: www.debian.org: packages.debian.org should explain "gnuab"

On Mon, Sep 03, 2007 at 02:13:06PM +0300, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> I went to look at the new packages.d.o site, and eventually found myself 
> looking at 
>   http://packages.debian.org/sid/utils/3ddesktop
> Now, it says
>   Package: 3ddesktop (0.2.9-6) [gnuab]
> My question was, "what's gnuab"?  Is it a typo for something?  Well, 
> eventually found that out fom the d-d-a@lists post, but how is a regular 
> user, who does not subscribe to d-d-a, going to figure it out?
> My suggestion is to have the "gnuab" word (and any other similar word) to be 
> a link to an explanatory page.

That would be better, indeed. It is on my todo list. Patches welcome ;)

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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