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Request for support of installation of python-libxml2

Hi guys,

I'm going to introduce a script in the web server build environment
related to the work done  by Pavel Vinogradov for the Google Summer of
Code (for more information see
http://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2007/ovalagent). This Python script
requires a number of stuff which includes the python-libxml2 package.

The infraestructure to run the script is already there:
but cannot be activated (oval is not defined as a SUBDIR in the
security directory) until the 'python-libxml2' package is installed in
gluck.debian.org (where the CVS is, to be able to test it out), and
klecker.debian.org (www-master.debian.org, where the CVS build is run).

I've asked DSA for this (rt.debian.org #160) but they are asking me
for "webmasters" (i.e. members of the 'debwww' group) to support my

Could any of the webmasters in the list please support this request (a
signed email replying to this would suffice) so I can get DSA to
install that?



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