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Re: status of PO files for languages


Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan <sharuzzaman@gmail.com> (31/08/2007):
> I would like to ask about status of PO files for languages.
> In http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po/todo I can see that there is a
> lot of packages that actually contain PO files but it is listed as
> "Those packages are either not i18n-ed or stored in an unparseable
> format, e.g. an asterisk is put after packages in dbs format, which
> may then contain localized files."
> One such file is evolution-data-server at
> http://i18n.debian.net/material/po/unstable/main/e/evolution-data-server/po/
> where there is clearly PO files in there. I'm sure they are i18n-ed
> and parseable, and not in other unknown format.
> Hope I can get this clarified.

The dl10n-check script (the one which extracts i18n material) skips all
packages having a debian/patches directory, to avoid extracting po/pot
files being modified while building the package.

That means that evolution-data-server is in the "unparseable format"


Thomas Huriaux

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