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Re: New page (for the website) informing about the Debian trademark

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org> wrote: [...]
> As most developers (me included) are not very much aware of the status of the
> Debian trademark I believe it would be interesting to add a page to the
> website that described more information about the Debian trademark and have
> that linked from the footnote "Debian is a registered trademark of Software
> in the Public Interest, Inc." in a similar way as to how the website's
> license is. [...]

Please expand /license rather than making a new page just for this.
Already our image licensing is split across two pages (/license and
/logos/), which is one too many, in my opinion.

I second the comments of others about using modern markup.

I would change the early headings into only two:
  Trademark Licensing Policy
    (old Status, Allowed use and Current policy sections)
  Work in Progress
    (old Future changes section)

The bones of the draft seem good to me, though.

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