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Re: Please help me! - deleted /bin/hostname

On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 09:11:33AM +0700, Mr. Chu wrote:
> I am using Debian Etch but yesterday, by mistake I delete the file:
> /bin/hostname . So I can't run Apache or any service concerning Webserver
> but I don't want to install Debian again.
> So you can help me by send to me package: */bin/hostname*.

Hi, this is a topic for the debian-user mailing list, not debian-www, but 
I'll answer anyway.

To fix this you need to download the "hostname" package from
Be sure to select the right version depending on what version of Debian you 
are running.

Download the .deb file, then open a command shell and use this command to 
reinstall the package:
dpkg -i hostname_*.deb

...And do I need to mention one of the basic rules when working with Linux?
*Don't work as root unless you really really have to!* :-)



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