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Re: Re: CD/DVD vendors page outdated

Hello Richard,

--- Richard Atterer <richard@2007.atterer.net>

> I'm sorry to hear that you had problems
> understanding the page! Maintaining 
> it isn't the most interesting of jobs, so the
> outdated information didn't 
> get removed. I've removed all "non-US"-related stuff
> and added a 
> description of "contrib" instead.

that's great! Thanks for taking the time to update the
I still don't understand, however, what's the point of
listing vendors that distribute "contrib"? After all,
"Official CD/DVD" means that "contrib" is always
included. I can only guess that the "contrib" tag is
for vendors who not only distribute random "non-free"
software but instead specifically that "non-free"
software which "contrib" depends on. If that's what
"contrib" is all about, you might clarify that as
If I got it all wrong, I would appreciate any
correction. :-)

Thanks again,

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