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Vendor Name: - Linux Distro UK
URL of Vendor: - https://linux-distro.co.uk
Donations: - No donations are made at present (in the future plans list)
Type of CD's sold: - Official Debian DVD Images
Country: - United Kingdom
Ship to Overseas: - Yes (Worldwide)
URL to page with debian Distros: - https://linux-distro.co.uk/v4/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=debian&x=0&y=0
Email address for sales enquires: - sales@linux-distro.co.uk
Archetectures: - i386, PPC (we are currently updating to Debian 4.0r0 in i386, PPC and AMD64 - These should be online in approx 1 week)

Many thanks

Jim Valentine
Linux Distro UK

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