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mirror/ftpmirror on www.debian.org uses Woody's architecture list


english/mirror/ftpmirror.wml still includes

# list of architectures
%arches = (
        i386    => 'Intel x86',
        m68k    => 'Motorola 680x0',
        sparc   => 'SPARC',
        alpha   => 'Alpha',
        powerpc => 'PowerPC',
        arm     => 'ARM',
        hppa    => 'HP PA-RISC',
        ia64    => 'Intel IA-64',
        mips    => 'MIPS',
        mipsel  => 'MIPS (DEC)',
        s390    => 'IBM S/390',

It is used for:
      If you don't have enough disk space to mirror everything, use the
      <kbd>--exclude</kbd> option to exclude portions of the archive from
      mirroring. Commonly this includes various architectures you might not
      want; for example, this would exclude <em>all</em> architectures:
print "<code>--exclude binary-$_/ --exclude *_$_.deb</code><br>\n"
  foreach (sort keys %arches);

I could easily include 
but I'm not sure this is right because of the mirror split and don't know
whether Sarge is still mirrored (probably not as it will not be touched in the


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