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Hello there,

I am user Bjwebb and am part of the http://www.getgnulinux.org
community (forum at http://www.nuxified.org/forum/105). I would like
to tell you a little about the site and ask you your views of it.

The site explainns what Linux is on a level that even non-tech types
could understand and also why and how they would switch. It is a
perfect site for someone who knows nothing about Linux at all.

It also hopes to become a part of a promotional campaign, similar to
the SpreadFirefox one. There are already banners available to link to
the site with a very clear and simple message - Get GNU/Linux.

As you may be able to tell from the name, the sites creator agrees
with the FSF's naming suggestion, but the site does not aim to force
this upon the rest of the community, and in fact uses the term Linux
itself, in order to make the site more understandable for its

The website is run by an organisation, GNU/Linux Matters, which is
soon to become an non-profit organisation in France.

The site also has a community on the nuxified.org forums, which I am a
member of, but I am not the site's creator. By sendin this I do not
want to appear a spammer. I simply want to make you aware of this
site, and would love to hear your opinions. I would also like to know
whether you would conssider trying to help the campaign for spreading
linux and put one of these buttons on your website -

Ben Webb (Ubuntu user and GetGNU/Linux.Org campaigner)

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