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Re: Setting up a staging ground for etch release


On Monday 19 March 2007 15:04, Joey Schulze wrote:
> > A big colour picture "Download Debian" (or etch) in the main place :-)
> Why a picture?  Do you not want to have blind people or text-browser
> using people use Debian?

I want blind people and people with text browsers to use Debian, just as I  
don't want to look at a webpage that almost looks like gopher? ;)

There is no reason against using text _and_ pictures, except that someone has 
to do it ;)

This can even be done with (user selectable) CSS, so that the old-timers 
browsing with graphical browsers can still view the webpage like in 1999 (if 
they want to), while the new visitors can enjoy a modern look. (And the text 
browser people still get all their infos.)


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