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Update of advisories CVE references (CAN->CVE) in the website

Hi there,

I just wanted to mention that I have updated a *lot* of advisories today
changing CVE references in quite a number of .data files. Most of the changes
are related only to the CVE CANdidates name change. The CAN-XXXX-XXX format
is no longer used, Mitre just uses the CVE-XXXX-XXXX format. Notice that I
have not changed any of the references in the .wml files. Therea are still
176 files that point to the old CAN-XXXX-XXX names at Mitre's dictionary.
Since Mitre's CGI take care to rewrite these CAN-XXXX-XXX to CVE-XXXX-XXXX I
have not tackled those changes.

In any case ,I've also rerun my script to check CVE's reference map, and have
fixed some typos in CVEs and introduced some missing CVE names in old

I've rerun a local build and no error has been forthcoming. But I just wanted
to warn you guys in case you spot any issue.

These changes are needed to keep the "CVE compatible" mark but I had
forgotten to review this until today. 



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