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Who's using Debian?

i have an update for our entry on Who's using debian:

we have recently added another debian server to our landscape,
replacing a red hat 9 OS. red hat 9 was causing our IBM server to shut
down unexpectedly, almost every day. we installed skolelinux 2.0 Sarge
with KDE (from the debianedu project) and it has run stable since the
day we installed it =) we love debian!

2006/9/29, nick humphrey <nick.c.humphrey@gmail.com>:
Our commecrial companies:
WebSynergy AS (www.websynergy.no)
TakeCargo AS (www.takecargo.no)
VeloxIT AS (www.veloxit.no)

here in Oslo Norway are using the latest stable version of Debian.

Nick Humphrey

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