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Bug#406228: Links to http://www.debian.org/intro/cn should be language specific

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Having just IRCed about this with Frans Pop, I thought I'd clarify a few of

I was _not_ trying to re-raise the old idea whereby following a single
language specific link results in your experience of the whole Debian site
flipping languages. (I'm aware that is too painful to contemplate)

All I was pointing out is that for this specific page, it's a bit poor for
us to inflict the wrong language on someone if they've first managed to
notice that we have translations, and then managed to find the link in
their own language to the page about how to fix their browser.

Frans pointed out that the problem with the idea I suggested is that we
might have pages that have been translated into languages for which there
is no translation of the cn page, which would then result in hanging links.

Perhaps for this one page we could encourage translators to have something
available before all others?  Even if it's only a "this page has not been
translated yet" page -- at least that way the user would see a page with
all the links to the other translations, so they might find one in another
language that they can use to let them fix their browser setup.  Obviously
that doesn't help for the situation where someone has done a load of
translation, and then wandered off, leaving us with no translator for that

Another alternative (which is probably not implementable, but then I don't
know how these pages are generated) would be to somehow redirect attempts
to access missing translations back to the .../cn page, so that at least
they get a page in their default language, as they do now (although that
would then of course do nothing to address the subject of this bug report)

An alternative to the language specific links idea (and probably easier to
implement) would be to duplicate the "this page is available in other
languages" section at the top of the page (or perhaps have a sidebar down
the left hand side?) so that our victim at least gets a to see a familiar
word to click on straight away, rather than having to pass the test of
scrolling down what is quite a long page before finding the link they were
really looking for.

Cheers, Phil.
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P.S.sorry about the multiple post/wrong pseudo-package stupidity on my part
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