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new vendor to the CD vendors list

We'd like to be added to the CD vendors page.

* Vendor Name: linuxcdstore.it
* URL of Vendor: http://www.linuxcdstore.it
* Donate some of the sale to Debian: yes
* Type of CDs sold: official cd
* Type of DVDs sold: official dvd
* Country you are in: Italy
* Shipping orders overseas: within Europe
* URL of a web page for Debian CDs: http://www.linuxcdstore.it/debian.html
* Email address for sales enquiries: acquisti@linuxcdstore.it
* What architectures your CDs are for: Alpha ; ARM ; HPPA ; i386 ; IA-64 ; m68k
; MIPS ; PowerPC ; S/390 ; Sparc ; source; amd64

Thank you for your time and the great work done with Debian.


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