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Link targets not localized after language selection


When visiting "http://debian.org/";, I'm being redirected to


As I'm German, I want the pages on debian.org to be displayed in German,
so at the bottom of the page ("This page is also available in the
following languages"), I click on "Deutsch" (="German"), and get to


The page appears completely in German, but it seems that every link on
that page points to non-localized versions of pages, like


instead of


So on each page, I have to select my language anew. Same for Swedish and
French and probably all other languages, too. This seems to affect all
pages: For instance, on


all links point to non-localized pages as well.

While for me, reading debian.org in English is not a problem, a friend
of mine who wanted to try Debian (upon my recommendation), speaks
nearly no English, so fixing the links would be a prerequisite for him
to try Debian.


  Marc-Jano (not subscribed, so if you need more information, Cc: me)

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