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Re: Quero ser vendedor !!

On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 01:54:45AM -0300, Administração de Redes wrote:
> Brasil    *Vendedor:* Christiano Bern
> *URL:* http://www.admrede.com.br
> *URL da página Debian:*
> *Contribuem com o Debian: Não*
> *País:* Brasil
> *Entrega internacional:* Sim
> *e-mail:* suporte.servidor@gmail.com
> *Tipo de CD:* *CD Oficial*  *Arquiteturas:*  i386

Hi, I cannot find any information on your page which indicates that you 
sell Debian CDs. Furthermore, please provide a direct link to the 
Debian-related information. (Please create a frameset which allows linking 
to the Debian page.)

For the moment, I will not add you to the Debian vendor list.



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