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Regarding creating a website

Hi ,

 This is Chandan from India ..Iam currently working on
building a debian based distro... We have come out
with our first image ..and ready for beta testing ... 

 Now I need to make our website up .. (Ofcourse I have
to crate from the scratch) before we put into
public... So I want to know ..How Debian website has
been developed ..what tools are sued ..What
programming lnaguage is used ... I am interested in
"package search results page" display ..How the
particular package info , iots depencies , its
supported architectures and other deitails are
displayed in the webpage ..From where and how this
info is taken ....

Please help me in developing a website for our
project..Similar to debian .. From where I need to
start ..How do I need to work .. Hoping for the
fruitful response ...


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