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Re: New Debian Site

  The big problem is that many people offer to help without fully
 understanding the size and scope of the problem.

  Right now we have a system which allows us to publish pages in
 multiple languages and store those pages under revision control.

  The pages are static, do not require the installation of PHP, or
 complex database to work and contain coordinated translations.

  If seriously believe you can replace that with a fancy CMS then
 please take the existing web pages in each of these languages:

* arabic
* armenian
* bulgarian
* catalan
* chinese
* croatian
* czech
* danish
* dutch
* english
* esperanto
* farsi
* finnish
* french
* german
* greek
* hungarian
* indonesian
* italian
* japanese
* korean
* lithuanian
* norwegian
* polish
* portuguese
* romanian
* russian
* slovak
* slovene
* spanish
* swedish
* turkish
* ukrainian

   Now keep it up to date for a month, sort out any issues and point
 us to it.  A rough estimate suggests that there are about 3500 pages
 in the English directory alone.

  It is a *huge* job, none of the people who have appeared upon the
 list and suggested this approach have ever demonstrated any real
 understanding of the size of the job, and have never returned to do it.
 It gets repetitive explaining this so that is probably part of the
 reason why they get ignored.

  If you think you're different and can, then great!  But otherwise each
 of these mails is just like the rest.  "Hey your website sucks, I know
 PHP and can design - let me help you for free?!!!!11"

  Simple changes are possible, updating the CSS is a gradual process that
 has been contributed by several users.  Those kind of changes are simple
 to propose and would be appreciated.

  Offering to migrate the site into a completely new form, one that our
 existing translators, editors, and maintainers couldn't work with unless
 they used some CMS and had a database locally just isn't practical
 or useful.


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