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UTF-8 versus ISO-8859 in English pages


I just noticed that vote/2006/vote_004.wml and
vote/2006/suppl_002_debate.wml both containt UTF-8 characters
(according to file(1) at least). There was just a moment ago same
problem with vote_003.wml. So maybe we should consider for using UTF-8
in English pages instead of ISO-8859-1, which is now used?

Simple find webwml/english -name \*.wml | xargs file | grep ISO-8859 |
wc -l tells that 392 files contain ISO-8859 characters, two files
(just mentioned) containt UTF-8 and a big majority are pure ASCII
files. Or should I just recode UTF-8 pages to ISO-8859-1 and wait for
the next time someone opposing character set racism commits UTF-8

Tommi Vainikainen

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