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Re: improving d.o/devel/website

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [2006-08-16 14:33]:
> Nico Golde wrote:
> > Hi,
> > what about adding something like:
> >  <p>Thank you for your interest in working on the Debian web
> > -site. Due to the size of Debian and that the developers
> > +site and helping the debian-www project. Due to the size of Debian and that the developers
> >  are all volunteers, we have broken most tasks into more 
> There is no debian-www project, hence, it shouldn't be named.
> > and maybe debian-www in the title to the index.wml file?
> Why?
> Umh... I don't think we should join the hack Google party.
> If they know the list name already, you could always also ask on
> said list.  There may be people answering.
> I fail to understand why the list name should point to the main page
> for website development of www.debian.org.

My point is that you wont find the website of the 
website project unless you know that its name is website 
project which I didn't know and I think many others wont too 
cause the list is named debian-www and also the pseudo 
package to file bugs is named debian-www so the naming is definetly 
inconsistent. If you see no need to improve this ok, buts 
the names are confusing nevertheless.
Kind regards
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