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On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 02:51:35PM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> The WWW repository used to have CIA messages, but that seems to be gone
> now since the compromise. I assume this is a known issue, but I wanted
> to mention it just in case it isn't.

I really do not like this kind of mails. Is it not possible for you to
explain CIA?

I think you do not refer to the Central Intelligence Agency, right?
Maybe you mean one of the following?

Calgary International Airport
California Institute of AbnormalArts (North Hollywood, CA)
California International Airshow
Call Initiate Answer
Calling Subscriber Internet Address
CAN in Automation
Canadian Infantry Association (Association Canadienne de l'Infantrie)
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Canadian International Autoshow
Captured In Action
Carnegie Involvement Association
Carry It Anywhere (Taurus International firearms)
Cash In Advance
Catalina Island Airport
Caught in the Act (band)
Cedartown Insurance Agency
Celestial Intervention Agency (Doctor Who)
Center for Information Assurance
Central Inhibitory Area (neuroscience)
Central Intelligence Access (WordPerfect)
Centre d'Insémination Artificielle
Centre International d'Antibes (language school)
Certified Internal Auditor
Channels of the Internet Age
Chemical Industries Association (UK)
Chemical Institute of Australia
Chemiluminescence Immunoassay
Chemotaxis-Induced Aggregation
Chief Internal Auditor
Christ Is Alive (t-shirt)
Christians In Action
Christmas In April
Circuitos Integrados Analogicos (Mexico)
Circumcision Information Australia
Cisco Intelligent Agents
Classical IP over ATM (Sprint)
Cleveland Institute of Art
Clinical Investigator Agreement
Cobb Institute of Archeology
Collagen-Induced Arthritis
Collegium Internationale Allergologicum (Milwaukee, WI, USA)
Colorado Institute of Art
Commandos in Action (gaming clan)
Commission Internationale d'Aerostation (FAI Ballooning Commission)
Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Community Impact Analysis
Community Impact Assessment
Community Improvement Association
Company (from Spanish compania)
Complex Interface Adapter (Commodore)
Comprehensive Individual Assessment
Computer Industry Almanac, Inc.
Computer Information Advisors
Computer Information Agency
Computer Interface Adapter
Computer-Integrated Agriculture
Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori (Rome, Italy)
Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (information security)
Conseillers en Informatique d'Affaires
Consumer Information Act
Containment Isolation Actuation
Control Indicator Assembly
Controlled Industrial Area
Conventions Industry Association
Cooking Institute of America
Corporate Integrity Agreement
Cosmic Internet Academy
Cotton Insurance Association
Council for Independent Archaeology (UK)
Creative Investors Association
Criminals in Action
Culinary Institute of America
Current Instruction Address
Customer Interaction Agent
Rome, Italy - Ciampino (Airport Code)

Is it really so difficult to avoid using acronyms or at least to explain this


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